Purchase of secondary raw materials

We purchase waste for recycling from European specialists in the waste disposal industry. According to the requirements of the recycling plants, we buy plastic waste in rolls, in bales, pre-ground or in blocks. You can find out more about the variety of our range of products on this website.

Storage and shipment

Whether it’s from our warehouse or straight from the waste disposal company – we, together with our logistics partners, arrange for a quick and secure shipping of secondary raw materials in shipping containers.

Global delivery in containers

We work together with expert logistics partners who deliver our waste for recovery to recycling plants in closed 20-feet or 40-feet shipping containers, depending on its state. In this respect, we put great importance to the use of reliable and competent specialists in transport and shipping companies. Their decades of experience guarantees the safe transport of waste, based on national and international laws and regulations.

Recycling of secondary raw materials

Through recovery, or rather, recycling, plastic waste, for example, is processed in an environmentally-friendly manner and returned to the economic cycle. Our products are recycled by certified recycling plants. Using the standardised plastic processing method, the waste is processed for the extraction of raw materials or transformed directly into the end product.

Quality control

Nowadays, most waste disposal companies or waste processing companies support their own quality control systems. A large importance is attached to these systems for recycling. Certified waste management operations such as, for example, clean collection and sorting, are a requirement for a good quality of goods for resale and a positive waste balance.

Our certified trade companies exclusively market waste for recycling. They must be subjected to an inspection before approval and stand up to precise scrutiny in accordance with national and international environment laws. Only perfectly sorted, pure secondary raw materials have a chance of being recycled economically.

Furthermore, regular inventories and controls are carried out at the recycling plants.