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Alongside waste prevention, recycling and the recovery of waste are at the forefront of ecological trade. Over the course of the last 30 years, waste has stopped being just dumped in a landfill or burnt away in a combustor, but is being identified more and more as raw material and analysed in terms of its value. Today the majority of generated waste is re-used, recycled or utilised in order to counteract the ever larger shortage of raw materials. The importance of waste material as a raw material and as a cheap alternative to the production of semi-finished goods or end products has increased steadily.
  • Marketing on the basis of national and international waste laws
As a marketer of secondary raw materials, waste for recovery, we represent an important link between the producers of the industrial waste and the recycling plants.
  • Shipment to environmentally sound processing recovery facilities
According to requirements, we supply specific types of waste for recycling plants from industry and trade. At the same time, we market cleaned and sorted waste from our suppliers to certified recycling plants in Germany, Europe and abroad.
  • Valuation and controlling of processed waste
The return of these secondary raw materials into the economic cycle contributes considerably to resource conservation. Our thermoplastic waste, for example, is turned into regrind at recycling plants and replaces, either in part or in full, brand new plastic granulate.